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How To Wake Up Easily & Energized, EVERY MORNING

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How easy is it to get up in the morning when you know you’re not trying in life? Not easy at all! You lie there, awake, thinking, “Oh, why do I have to get up this early? It doesn’t matter much anyway.” Wrong! It does matter. It will matter.

Now, contrast how easy is it to get up in the morning when you’re on fire, doing the best you can, excited to get going, make progress toward your goals & dreams? It’s a whole different game.

Your 2nd day’s motivational video awaits you…

“Be pleasant until ten o’clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.”  ~ Elbert Hubbard

In health and happiness,

For the full length Day 2 Morning Motivation video, log in to the course homepage at highenergyparenting.com/start


You Don’t Have To See The Whole Staircase

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Just take the first step.

That finishes a famous quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, and is an appropriate quote for anyone looking to take on healthier ways of living. Over the next 33 days, I’ll be delivering you one short motivational video each morning, hoping to inspire you toward a healthier, happier, more energized life.

I’ll be following right along with you, as I can always benefit from a bit of focus and motivation.

The first day’s Morning Motivation video, of the High Energy Parenting Online Course is now available.
highenergyparenting.com/start to login to the course homepage and watch the videos.

High Energy Parenting MAJOR Update

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Nearly 2 months have passed since we became a family of five, and a lot has transpired over the course of those 7 weeks. Some things have changed as well. I’m back in college on a pre-med path, aiming for Osteopathic Med School, the YouTube channel delivery has switched up a bit, with a cool new addition, and I’ve opened up a CRAZY amount of FREE video and course material for you to access.

This is going to be a busy, busy few years, and I look forward to sharing them with you and growing in health, energy, and happiness. There is literally NO WAY I could be doing all that I am doing with home education, college, 2 jobs, and a brand new baby, if I didn’t have the knowledge of how to create and sustain a super-high energy healthy lifestyle.

We’re Live! Class is Open For Registration

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I just opened up registration for the High Energy
Parenting Coaching Program – everything is
now live at this link:

All investments have risk. Except this one.

There are ONLY two ways this investment can go for you.

1st scenario; you put High Energy Parenting to work and your
energy, fitness, and happiness levels start to skyrocket, the
whole family notices the transformation. And in that case,
probably no calculator on Earth will be able to calculate
what your return on investment is.

The 2nd scenario goes like this, you just don’t do anything
with the material, or you get distracted, or its just not your thing.
That’s OK, it happens. In that case, just take advantage of
my 30 day free look policy and just send me a note and
I’ll get you a refund ASAP.So either you get a crazy return on your investment or
you get you money back. Now, I don’t know about you, but
I sure would like to find more investments with those kind
of options. Basically, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.
You have a full 30 days to see if High Energy Parenting is right for you.

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