NoCookbook: 30 Days of Raw Vegan Meals with 75+ Unique Recipes

A completely comprehensive low-fat raw vegan meal plan, this book offers a wide array of delicious menu options. Own a collection of easy-to-make recipes that will support you in creating a lifetime of superb health and energy.

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  • 30 Days of Meal Plans

    Have the exact meal plans needed to raise your health and energy levels to new heights, with 3 meals provided for each of the 30 days.

  • 75+ Unique Recipes

    From simple to splendidly imaginative, enjoy old, unhealthy favorites rejuvenated in raw vegan cuisine. Delight in sub sandwiches, crispy onion rings, creamy pasta noodles, crunchy kale chips, satisfying smoothies, and delectable salads.

  • Charts and Graphs

    Use the charts and quick start articles to customize the recipes and meal plans to meet your health and fitness goals.  Every recipe includes calorie information and a breakdown of major nutrients.

Check Out Some Of The Recipes Found In This eBook

Strawberry Pineapple Delight

Thai Pasta Salad

Creamy Carrot Soup

Piña Colada Smoothie

Minty Noodle Salad

Crispy Onion Rings

Sesame Salad

Figgy Fantastico

Romaine Apricot Salad

Berry Peach Smoothie

Red Pepper Tomato Soup

Lean Green Smoothie

Corn Chowder

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