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Kevin started his parenting journey from total burnout; low on energy, short on health, vanishing fitness, and nagging depression. He recharged his body, energy, and life using these systems and strategies.

This free 30-minute training video has nothing for sale. It's just Kevin revealing how he rebuilt his health and fitness,  how he went from barely moving around to running 50+ mile races, and what you can do to HAVE MORE ENERGY starting TODAY.

I am really enjoying your course, I’ve started practicing so many things you have suggested. Life is really busy with 3 kids, so it's helpful that I can do it at my own pace. Thank you for putting this course together, I can tell you put a lot of love into it! It has helped me tremendously in my parenting journey. Having this sort of guidance, inspiration and motivation as a mom on an unconventional path with my little ones is so important! 

Natalie Bilkic
Natalie Bilkic Mother of Three, Vlogger at FruitandFamily

"I'm loving the High Energy Parenting course and your excellent company. "

Diane Ligon
Diane Ligon New York, NY

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MUST-WATCH training videos show you:

  • How to find MORE ENERGY, JOY, and TIME as a parent
  • The CORE STRATEGY Kevin uses for creating consistently high levels of energy for himself and clients
  • The 7 rules you MUST KNOW to 'win' the energy game
  • A simple technique to wake up with energy, and keep it for the day
  • How to energize and optimize your diet

"Kevin has all the energy in the world. He is a prime example of what a healthy, awesome parent should look, feel, and act like."

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram FullyRaw & Rawfully Organic Co-Op

"The longer I know Kevin, the more and more I am impressed with him. He's such a genuine individual and his work in the world is incredible. He's always got full energy to keep moving forward, and that is because of his amazing diet and lifestyle."

Michael Arnstein
Michael Arnstein Champion Ultramarathoner & President of Natural Sapphire Company