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Baby Taj is Born!

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On September 6th, at 6am, Meagan went into labor and shortly after noon baby Tajilo was born. The birth was a splendid success and Taj has been a pure bundle of joy since. Rather than me trying to eloquently capture such a precious moment, we’d like to invite you to watch along as baby Taj is birthed into the world. Meagan had a natural delivery at home, in a birthing pool.


FREE High Energy Parenting Video Training Series

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This is the year you get your energy, health, and fitness up to the levels you and your family deserve them to be at.

The first training video in the High Energy Parenting Course breaks down the 3 step strategy I use with all of my clients, the 7 rules of having energy, and then I go on to show you how to instantly energize yourself and jumpstart your day.  Nothing for sale here, just great content for you to use to improve your life. There’s even a PDF that you can download and follow along with as you watch the video.

The Core Strategy for Having More Energy

In the next video, I’ll be sharing 5-day menu plans and ways to get the most energy out of your diet.

How To Pick And Eat A Ripe Persimmon

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The winter months offer a new set of fruits to us, and persimmons are delectable, calorie dense fruits that I use as a staple food in the colder months. There are many varieties of persimmon, each with its own unique taste, but there are some common qualities relevant to selection that I will share with you in this video. I’ll cover the 3 main types of persimmon, Fuyu, Hachiya, and American, and how to know exactly when the persimmon is ripe. Some recipe suggestions and my preferred method for eating persimmon are also shared.

How To Make Raw Vegan Mac N Cheese

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Learn to make low fat raw vegan macaroni and cheese. This recipe tastes creamy and delicious…not exactly like dairy mac and cheese, but it is gluten free and completely vegan. The macaroni noodles are made of peeled zucchini, but could also be made of cucumbers or other gluten-free options.