3 Ways To Increase Your Willpower

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We don’t have unlimited amounts of willpower at our disposal,  and when we run out of this precious commodity, our precious goals fall by the wayside in favor of chocolate donuts & snooze buttons. Learn 3 simple ways to increase the amount of willpower you have. Whether you apply just one or all three, you will certainly notice your willpower levels improving.

When Being Negative Is Positive

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The moment it clicks. The moment that we stop struggling with a habit, and it simply is part of what we do now. The ‘I should’s, the ‘I could’s, the ‘I must’s have now become ‘I couldn’t’. When I first discovered eating a vegan diet I thought, “I should do this for the animals. I could eat bananas instead of burgers. I must eat vegan to benefit the planet.” But the truth ‘clicked’ for me when I was watching the movie Earthlings. After that movie, I couldn’t eat animals. I knew I had no inherent nutritional need for consuming dead flesh, and I knew I couldn’t take part in unnecessary violence and cruelty, especially on such a careless, rampant scale as I was. Let us celebrate our ‘could not’s. They represent the outlines of our values.

If you haven’t yet seen this powerfully moving documentary. Watch it.

A life transforming documentary.

A life transforming and life saving documentary.


It’s Loose Change, Expect To Get Hit

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There is no guide book for living as a parent AND you are inevitably growing and evolving, likely at slightly differing times to even your parenting partner. When the tides of change are let loose, expect a storm to follow.

Change can be a problem, sometimes a MAJOR PROBLEM.

As by products of our advancement forward in our health, fitness, and energy levels, we can expect to catch flak from friends, family, coworkers, and basically anyone who knew us BEFORE we changed.

The change can be a change in how you view the sanctity and safety of childbirth, OR a change what foods you find work best for you, OR a change in the awareness of how your actions effect the plants and animals, OR a change in what level of fitness you find acceptable for yourself.

The change can happen out of the blue, it can be overnight, or it can take years to develop. Though one thing is ever constant with change; agitation. Just as when a stone is thrown into a calm pond, ripples occur, and ever as surely, the ripples abate. A new homeostasis establishes. Peace returns. Remember this truth as you grow and change.

You will certainly be doing some things differently than your parents and grandparents did. You will likely decide to do some things differently than your mother and father and law believe is best. Your neighbors will adamantly propose that their style of living is the healthiest. Your friends will think you are being too extreme. Your doctor will say “Do it my way.” The magazine will say, “Do it her way.” The book will say, “Do it his way.”

At the end of the line is you. YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER. You are responsible, even if you choose to follow someone else’s opinion or advice.

Woo Hoo! I’ve got the power!

But wait!
With great power, comes great responsibility.

If you are new to being a parent, or are new to choosing your own path, get used to confronting the paper tigers all around you. Don’t make them into big, blown out confrontations. Simply state your truth, state why you hold it as your truth, and let that be that. You know what you know, now live what you know. No apologies required. You are doing your best, right?

And believe it or not, much of the backlash we receive, when we change, comes from genuine love and genuine fear of the unknown.

Make your truth accessible to those who are lovingly desiring to be a part of this new dimension of your life. Be patient, as we each see certain truths at certain times. Be true to yourself and your experience of truth and life.