Piña Colada Smoothie Recipe

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Winter time means citrus season, and when I think of smoothies that make full use of the scintillating scents and flavors of citrus, I think of this sweet, syrupy, delicious raw vegan piña colada smoothie. Our whole family delights in this smoothie every time it makes an appearance at the table.

The tartness of the pineapple and orange juice is perfectly balanced by the smooth sweetness of mango and the aromatic flavor of vanilla. Enjoy, and please be sure to let me know how much you and your family enjoy this citrus delight.

Shredded Apple Streusel

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe|Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free

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I would like to start a tradition of sharing a recipe with you each weekend, and today seems as good as any other day to start doing so. The first recipe comes straight from the free Healthy Holiday Recipe eBook that I shared this past week, and which is still available for download.


I hope you enjoy making and eating these gingerbread delights.


  • 20 Medjool Dates, pitted
  • 6 Conadria Figs
  • ½ tsp. Cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • tsp. Clove
  • ½ tsp. Ginger


1. Process dates with figs, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and clove. (Use no water.)
2. Scoop the batter out of the processor and place on to parchment paper. Then, set in the freezer.
3. Remove after 1 hour and press shapes with cookie cutters. Use scraps to form new cookies.
4. Place the cookies back into the freezer until you are ready to dine. I recommend serving them chilled.
5. Enjoy!

How To Make Raw Vegan Mac N Cheese

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Learn to make low fat raw vegan macaroni and cheese. This recipe tastes creamy and delicious…not exactly like dairy mac and cheese, but it is gluten free and completely vegan. The macaroni noodles are made of peeled zucchini, but could also be made of cucumbers or other gluten-free options.