Jackfruit Time! Picking A Ripe One, Opening, & Eating

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Jackfruit is one of our family’s favorite fruits! It’s tropical, sweet, and delicious! I swear Juicy Fruit bubblegum go their taste from mimicking this fruit.

Native to Asia, the Jackfruit is readily recognizable for its spiky exterior. Many children in Thailand grow up with two or three jackfruit trees in their yard.

Here’s how we pick a ripe jackfruit, cut it open a jackfruit, and eat it. It’s jackfruit time!


The Banana Island Cleanse – A Week of Eating 30 Bananas A Day

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Follow along as I take a trip to Banana Island. Banana Island is a diet concept wherein the majority of calories are obtained through eating bananas, with bananas being a part of every meal. The original idea comes from the work of The 80/10/10 Diet author, Dr. Graham.

I use this ‘cleanse’ for the increased energy levels, focus, and healing I experience when eating this way. I wouldn’t recommend eating one food as a long-term diet approach, but as a means of lessening the body’s digestive energy demand it is highly effective.

Piña Colada Smoothie Recipe

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Winter time means citrus season, and when I think of smoothies that make full use of the scintillating scents and flavors of citrus, I think of this sweet, syrupy, delicious raw vegan piña colada smoothie. Our whole family delights in this smoothie every time it makes an appearance at the table.

The tartness of the pineapple and orange juice is perfectly balanced by the smooth sweetness of mango and the aromatic flavor of vanilla. Enjoy, and please be sure to let me know how much you and your family enjoy this citrus delight.

Shredded Apple Streusel

How To Pick And Eat A Ripe Persimmon

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The winter months offer a new set of fruits to us, and persimmons are delectable, calorie dense fruits that I use as a staple food in the colder months. There are many varieties of persimmon, each with its own unique taste, but there are some common qualities relevant to selection that I will share with you in this video. I’ll cover the 3 main types of persimmon, Fuyu, Hachiya, and American, and how to know exactly when the persimmon is ripe. Some recipe suggestions and my preferred method for eating persimmon are also shared.