When Being Negative Is Positive

The moment it clicks. The moment that we stop struggling with a habit, and it simply is part of what we do now. The ‘I should’s, the ‘I could’s, the ‘I must’s have now become ‘I couldn’t’. When I first discovered eating a vegan diet I thought, “I should do this for the animals. I could eat bananas instead of burgers. I must eat vegan to benefit the planet.” But the truth ‘clicked’ for me when I was watching the movie Earthlings. After that movie, I couldn’t eat animals. I knew I had no inherent nutritional need for consuming dead flesh, and I knew I couldn’t take part in unnecessary violence and cruelty, especially on such a careless, rampant scale as I was. Let us celebrate our ‘could not’s. They represent the outlines of our values.

If you haven’t yet seen this powerfully moving documentary. Watch it.

A life transforming documentary.

A life transforming and life saving documentary.


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